What is Composite Prime decking?

Composite decking boards can be used on new decking projects or to replace old, rotten and slippery wooden decking boards. The boards can be cut with standard woodworking tools and are held in place with retaining clips. Fascia boards and end caps are also available to provide the finishing touch.

Our composite decking is ideal for residential and commercial projects as it’s durable material ensures a long-life and resistance to damage. Slip-resistance also provides peace of mind for commercial property owners that there is a reduced risk of accident on their premises.

All plastic wood products such as HD Deck XS and HD Deck Dual are made using recycled plastics and FSC® wood flour which makes these sustainable, ethical and environmentally-friendly products.

By using wood flour a highly natural wood grain appearance can be achieved to create a beautiful decking product. Combining this with plastic to create ‘composite’ means that our decking are more durable and stronger than traditional timber products.

Why Composite Prime decking? 

  • Non-slip properties; Due to the material’s wood-plastic composition it is unlikely that the composite deck board will become overly slippery when wet. The fact that the boards can maintain a grip under foot is very comforting for parents when letting their children play outdoors on dewy mornings.
  • Anti-fungal; naturally resistant to mould and fungus, the number one cause of rot & decay in traditional timber.

  • Low Maintenance; maintaining its aesthetic appeal years after installation, HD Deck requires no staining, treating or painting.

  • Recycled material; there is the equivalent of more than 3,000 recycled plastic bottle caps per square metre of decking.

  • Durable; HD deck will not warp, bend or splinter like traditional timber decking.
  • Barefoot safe; HD dfeck is not only comfortable to walk on barefoot, it's also safe because of it's splinter free properties.

... And if that hasn't convinced you, watch this video for more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=11&v=A1wSTuh1Y-4

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