Indian porcelain paving is suitable for any garden. Offering versatility, strength and beauty, it’s a multipurpose paving material: read on to find out why it’s so popular.


Luxurious texture

Indian porcelain paving looks timeless and beautiful. Its shiny surface is comfortable underfoot considering its toughness, and its smoothness means that it will stand out in your garden. Indian porcelain paving suits a classy garden, as it looks modern without being too distracting from the rest of your outdoor space. 


Despite its smooth look, Indian porcelain paving is extremely tough. Its durability is one of its biggest selling points, as it can stand up to heavy traffic both from feet or vehicles. Indian porcelain paving is extremely strong and a long-lasting solution for your garden.


Whilst you may think that Indian porcelain paving is only suitable in certain gardens, its versatility made surprise you. Indian porcelain paving can complement a busy garden with lots of plants, and equally, it’s well-suited to something minimal and modern. With plenty of styles and colours, the choice of how to use it is yours. 

Weather resistance

Indian porcelain paving can stand up to extreme weather conditions. It won’t warp in hot weather, nor will it crack in the cold, so if you’re looking for a paving solution that will be consistent all round, Indian porcelain paving may be the answer. It doesn’t soak up water or become too hot to the touch, either. 

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